The creation of the Department of Education, Schools Division of Candon City was only a dream and eventually came into reality. It was a METAMORPHOSIS- a change from the past to the present. A transformation that led to the creation of new policies, projects, innovations and programs. A change that benefitted everyone in the Division, particularly all the pupils and teachers. A word that describes change – a change coupled with TEAMWORK and TRUST.

Candon City is one of the promising cities of Region I. It has always been the dream of the City Government of Candon to rise and be productive in terms of education, infrastructure, entrepreneur and all aspects of life. Thus, The Department of Education, Candon City Division has been the partner of the City Government in Education. This reality was achieved on June 16, 2003. The Schools Division of Candon was established through a Memorandum of Agreement signed by then Congresswoman Grace Gacula-Singson, City Mayor Allen G. Singson and late Regional Director Vilma L. Labrador by virtue of an authorization issued by the former Secretary of Education, Florencio B. Abad.

Jorge M. Reinante, CSEE, CEO VI, CESO V, was the first Schools Division Superintendent to man Candon City Division. Full of dreams and aspirations to lead, he took part in the planning, crafting and implementation and monitoring of all projects and programs of the division and focused on the establishment of linkages to address urgent needs like repairs and renovations of schools and office buildings, new teacher items and additional funds for the Schools Division of Candon City. Years after, Candon City Division had a very promising endeavor and moved onward for the realization of more achievements. It was also during this time that SDO Candon City was given an Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, in the person of Dr. Fatima R. Boado. More achievements were enhanced with their tandem. Candon City Division, with the support of the Local Government Unit (LGU), headed by the former City Mayor Allen Gacula-Singon, started to soar high on DepEd programs and thrusts.

Administrators come and go, it was in this time that another administrator took place, Dr. Edna C. Leal, the second Schools Division Superintendent of Candon City Division also continued the programs of DepEd, one year before her retirement from the Department of Education. She particularly spearheaded the advancement in teaching and learning with the introduction of interactive Information and Communications Technology (ICT) specifically the Go E-Learning Phase I and II. Other programs were spearheaded by the diligent, young and results-oriented leaders in the Division, School Principals, Head Teachers and dedicated teachers. With these kinds of workforce, everything went on smoothly and nothing was put to waste. Each has roles and responsibilities to carry and perform.

There was a continuum of positive practices under the leadership of Ms. Gemma Q. Tacuycuy, CESO VI. A petite leader with huge visions on how to continue her endeavor and journey to  continue her roles  towards achieving a better and more productive Candon City Division. She hailed from Vigan City and assumed as the Schools Division Superintendent on June 26, 2014 as Officer-in-Charge and got her permanent position as Superintendent on February 24, 2015. Just like the other leaders who manned the SDO, she envisioned SDO- Candon City as the Educational Center of Excellence parallel with the City Government’s vision as the Premier City in Southern Ilocos.

To date, many improvements have taken place. Partnerships are forged between SDO-Candon City and the Local Government Unit of the City Government of Candon, which are headed, by City Mayor Ericson G, Singson, M.D., Representative of the Second Congressional District of Ilocos Sur Eric D. Singson, together with the different public and private sectors are very supportive to all the endeavors of the Division particularly in education and the implementation of the Senior High School Program or the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum.

Due to the transfer of the third level positions, Jorge M. Reinante, CSEE, CEO VI, CESO V, the first SDS in 2003 and Gemma Q. Tacuycuy, CESO V, swapped stations. In 2017, Jorge M. Reinante, CSEE, CEO VI, CESO V, came back to SDO-Candon City to continue DepEd’s Programs. This time, a newly appointed OIC-ASDS came to pursue more jobs and responsibilities in the person of Nestor C. Herana, CESE. Tasks were made easy to start the huge endeavor. The SDO- Candon City, though a small City Division, has forty-six schools, all under the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum.  It caters twenty eight (28) Public Elementary Schools, one of which, Candon South Central School, offers Special Science Class (SSC), Special Education (SPED) Programs, ALIVE and Madrasah. It has five (5) Public Secondary Schools, Candon National High School also offers Special Science Program. The thirteen (13) Private Schools offers the K to 12 Program.

Through the years, SDO-Candon City garnered many awards and achievements.  Success was not an overnight dream, neither just a snap of the fingers. Success for Candon City Division evolved in a process of simple but meaningful collaboration of ideas, plans put into action, and efforts of all concerned rolled into a TRANSFORMED and PROGRESSIVE Division.

The efforts and the ideas of our great leaders from the offices of the SDS and ASDS,  the  teachers, school administrators, Education Program Supervisors and all personnel were directed properly and gained, and will continue to gain tremendous results.

We hope to achieve more in the coming years. Our programs will always adhere to the DepEd’s Vision and Mission for a Progressive Candon City Division.